Packing + Travel


Packing list

Suggestion list coming, check back soon!


While we are not able to make travel reservations for you, we are happy to help you plan your arrival. We suggest flying into Rome and taking an express train to Naples, or flying directly into Naples.
From Naples we can arrange a paid shuttle to/from our location

Want to stay a little longer or see a little more? We are happy to give you recommendations for further experiences.


Handy Italian Phrases

Dammi un bicchiere di vino.
“May I have a glass of wine please”

Dammi un altro lemoncello.
“May I have a glass of limoncello please”

La pasta e deliziosa.
“This pasta is delicious”

Abbonda un po.
“May I have more pasta please”

Dov'e il bagno?
“Where is the toilet”

Butta giu!
“One more please”

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