Your Hosts


Lisa Vonnegut, CSCS

Lisa has been a trainer and a coach since 2000. Her experience working in clinical psychiatric and acute rehabilitation settings helps to create a nourishing and motivating environment in her training sessions. In addition, Lisa is studying neuroscience as it applies to movement in the Master Practitioner Training program for Z-Health Performance, bringing another unique and innovative facet to her coaching. Lisa currently runs a private training practice and a corporate wellness program at Bay Functional Fitness in Oakland, California.


Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis is a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army and California National Guard. In his thirty years of experience he has commanded at the company and battalion levels. He has managed training, logistics, and equipment for large scale units and training exercises. Peter has travelled extensively both for pleasure and for the Army. Peter’s role is to ensure that all the minutiae of vacation planning are taken care of so that your FitCation experience is carefree.


Francesco (Frank) Carpegna

Our Guy in Italy: Frank has been a tour guide along the Amalfi Coast for twenty years. He is an expat from New York who fell in love with the history of Italy when he was nine years old. He is an expert in the history and geography of the Amalfi Coast. Frank is fluent in Italian and English. He is a licensed Regional Guide under The Italian Association for Professional Nature and Walking Guides (AIGAE). AIGAE demands the highest standards of skill and professionalism in all aspects of guiding in Italy. As such, Frank is our expert on the ground for all things Italian.

Frank’s Philosophy:
Passionate about the discoveries I have made of the Amalfi Coast and its environs , it was a natural progression that ultimately I would want to share these with guests who have been drawn here for various reasons.
What began as casual conversation over luscious southern Italian meals and its elegant wines has grown into a personal adventure with which I have chosen to share with others.
I am devoted to providing our guests an authentic and intimate experience of an unusual and exciting nature… my local knowledge is your personal guide.