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With my crazy schedule, I love a vacation planned for me. Include fitness, adventure, amazing food and views on the AMALFI COAST? Yes please! Everything was incredible! I was initially intimidated by the activity level, but Lisa and Frank kept it fun. And the best part? When I returned home to my fitness classes I actually noticed an improvement in my strength (even after all that gelato!). This “fit”cation stuff is for real!
— Jenn K • Oakland
I have been seeing Lisa for about 5 years and find her incredibly patient and encouraging. I have a physical disability and am sure I’m not the most exciting person to train, but Lisa is always cheery, upbeat, and extremely encouraging. She does a lot of continuing education courses and brings new ideas to our sessions which are never the same. Lisa has a wealth of references/referrals in the health and wellness space if you are interested. She truly seems to love what she does!
— Andrea K • Berkeley, CA
Lisa shares deep practical knowledge of how the body works, genuine concern for your progress, and a truly engaging personality that makes her sessions fun.
She wants to help you do the things you want to do and function the way you want to function.
Workouts are tailored to your capability and focus on what’s right for you.
Lisa is very focused on how you respond to each new exercise and works relentlessly to ensure you perform the exercise to receive the maximum benefit and prevent injury. I’m healthier because of her.
— Danny M • Lafayette, CA
I have trained with Lisa for many years and can’t think of anyone better to lead a ‘Fitcation’ trip. Lisa is a superb trainer, is up to date on any and all new developments in the world of personal training, and is especially good at tailoring a program to an individual’s needs. Beyond that, she is someone with a broad range of interests who understands, enjoys and gets the most out of travel. In short, she is uniquely suited to provide the kind of balance between fitness activities and travel activities that will make for a wonderful and memorable trip.
— Larry K • Oakland, CA
Lisa is a phenomenal trainer, motivator, and coach. She helps me understand and articulate my fitness goals, translates those goals into specific plans, and calibrates the program to push me toward consistent progress while keeping me engaged. Her combination of enthusiasm and technical expertise is remarkable, and exactly what I need.
— Jim K • Oakland, CA
I have been training with Lisa Vonnegut for 5 years. She has been essential in transforming my life and to call her my “trainer” does not accurately portray her role. Not only does she make sure she is meeting my physical goals, pushing to places I didn’t think I could reach, she has also become a trusted advisor and friend. I only wish I could see her twice a week instead of once.
— Maggie R • Oakland, CA
Lisa Vonnegut has changed my life. Seriously. I’ve worked out with her for 15 years. I’ve had a weight problem in recent years, and Lisa has never been judgmental or anything but supportive. Since November 2017, I’ve lost 30 pounds. Something she said, something she did, just turned the key for me, and she guided me to losing weight the proper way, the sensible way. She won’t allow me to use my age (66) to get out of working hard. And she’s hilarious, so working with her is a pleasure. Also, she’s an amazing human being, so it’s an honor to know her.
— Leslie • Berkeley, CA
I’ve worked out with Lisa Vonnegut for over ten years and I’m grateful every day for it. She’s supportive and kind but she works to push me out of my comfort zone and I mean that in a good way. I’m pretty dedicated to my own cardio workouts but it’s the strength training I do with Lisa that really keeps me fit. I love that she commits to her own education to learn new techniques, exercises, etc. that she brings to her clients. I’ve found her training in Z-Health with its focus on using the connection between the brain and body to be particularly insightful. Thanks in big part to Lisa, I look forward to my time at the gym each week.
— MaryJane • Berkeley, CA
Lisa is a highly skilled, positive and encouraging trainer. In a few short months of working together, she has activated and increased my core strength, provided me with workouts that fit well into the rest of my life, and gently pushed me to increased levels of fitness. As a result of our work together, I have increased physical and mental energy as well as more strength to handle new challenges. Lisa is a wonderful listener, and provides accurate and appropriate feedback during and between workouts. I look forward to training together and learning new workout techniques!!
— Susie A • Berkeley, CA
I’ve been seeing Lisa for the past five years. She’s helped me gain strength and confidence, coached me through several injuries and is a joy to work with. I especially value her knowledge about the way neurological issues impact physical strength and overall health.
— Mary Ann S • Berkeley, CA

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